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If you've never booked a band before or...

...think that going through an agency is a better/safer way to book live music then first read through our frequently asked questions. This should put your mind at ease. If you have other questions get in touch through our contact page


Have you played at a wedding before? What kinds of events have you done?

We have been functioning for around 4 years, in that time we have played approximately 50 weddings each year on average. This number is rising each year. We are therefore very experienced in this field. We have also been in other bands together for the last 9 years playing at weddings, corporate functions, parties, festivals and themed events all over the UK and beyond.


Have you played for any companies before?

We have played at various functions put on by corporate clients. The list includes, Manchester United, Wembley Stadium, Mercedes, Ferrari Class, Volkswagon, British Airways, Habitat, Revolution, Boots, The Trafford Centre, etc. We are very experienced at working in a corporate environment and also putting on entertainment for corporate parties.

How long do you play for?

Our standard play time is around 2 hours. This can be split into 2 hour sets or 3x 40 minute sets...or even 1 large set!



Can/Should we book you through an agency?

This is an option yes. We work with many of the big agencies under different names. This is to stop the agency being cut out and you finding us directly. This is why you'll only find the name 'The Retrosettes' on this website. We work with Alive Network, Live Music Management (LMM), Silverdog Music, Function Central, Warble, DG Music, Freak Music and a few others. When you go to these companies you have to pay them a fee to draw up a contract on our behalf. It is worth mentioning that we have a similar contract to offer you with the same security if you book us directly through this website.


Do you have your own PA system and lighting?

Yes. It is PAT tested and comes under our Public Liability Insurance certificate. We use Mackie 450 speakers plust monitors and a mixing desk. This gives us around 1K watts of amplification. We use a Par Bar 3 set of 4 LED lights to light up the band with ambient lighting. We don't bring a DJ rig of lighting for the dancefloor but we can hire this if required.


Can you play music in between sets?

Yes. We are not DJs though. We can put on pre mixed music through our PA system before, during and for a small fee after the performance times. This music is typically in keeping with the theme of the band. We can of course play your music through an ipod or similar if you would prefer.


Can you learn songs not in your playlist?

Yes. We usually say we will be happy to learn 1 song for your event (typically a first dance song). If you want a lot of songs we don't currently play we may ask for a fee on top to arrange these songs for the band. If you give us enough notice we can learn a lot of songs to make your event completely unique.

How old are the band members?

Strangely, a question we get asked a lot. We are all pretty young guys (and girl) in our early thirties.


Will you require a deposit?

Typically yes. We will require a £20% deposit to secure the booking for both of us. Unless there are circumstances that warrant it, this deposit is not refundable.


What happens if I have to cancel?

This all depends on the reason for cancellation and how close to the event it is. The details for this will be on your booking form/contract that you can look at before you pay a deposit.


When is the final payment due?

Either in cash on the night, or 1 week in advance if paying by cheque or BACs.


We want to do a few speeches and announcements. Can we use your PA?

Yes. If possible we could do with knowing before the event so we can set up a separate speeches microphone off the stage.


How do we know you will actually turn up?

People are quite mistrusting of musicians we have found! Too many crazy famous musicians have given us all a bad name! The contract you will sign with us will be your assurance that we will turn up and is legally binding. If you love the band but are really concerned you can always book us through one of the many agencies we are on. These can be found on our contact page, but we will be more expensive if you go this route.


Will we need to put you up in a hotel for an overnight stay?

This all depends on the distance away from Manchester. Typically if we are going to stay overnight we will quote a price that includes our overnight accommodation. If you know of a cheaper hotel or B and B locally you may wish to request that you pay for this and we can reduce our quote to you. We usually use a company like Travelodge or Premier Inn so we're not expecting 5* luxury.



What else will you need from us?

Information of where to park. Soft drinks through the night and preferabbly some food so we don't have to go off site at any point. We will also need at least two 13 amp plug sockets for our equipment. We will obviously have a few chats with you before your event so you are totally comfortable about everything, this will mean that when the special day comes there won't be any questions left to ask!


What will the band wear at my event?

We are always smartly dressed. The band have matching suits, flat caps and ties. This is all part of the image the band create. They also have vintage equipement and non intrusive free standing banners with The Retrosettes logo on.


What time will you play until?

We don't normally play much past midnight without a change in the overall fee. In terms of set times on the night, this can be negotiated. We are also very flexible if you are running late (or early, although we don't get asked to play early very often!) If your event doesn't finish until very late this is negotiable as long as we know in advance.


How loud are you?

Being a jazz band to begin with we have a tendency to be one of the quieter function bands out there. When given the nod we can go a lot louder though! The volume is dependent on the drums, the drummer can play with brushes to reduce the overall volume and the rest of the musicians can adjust accordingly. Alternatively he can have microphones on the kit so the band will all go a lot louder. We are able to play to sound limiters and can go as low as 85dB if required (the acoustic trio or Unplugged bands are ideal for this).

How much do you charge?

This will heavily depend on the amount of musicians you want, the distance from Manchester, the times you want us to play for and what night of the week you want us to play. Our price for the weekend is a lot higher as we are in demand on these nights. Call or e-mail the band to discuss your specific requirements to gain an accurate quote.